Slip-on Shower Attachment Hose

$26.95 $52.95


The Slip-On Shower Attachment Hose is perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach spaces in your shower that your normal shower head cannot reach!

The hose allows you to disconnect it half way so that you have a more manageable 3 foot hose.

You'll love that the hose does not kink and is extremely lightweight making cleaning a breeze!

You can even transport it from faucet to facet around your home.

The Slip-On Shower Attachment Hose is a full 6ft long!

Right now, this hose is on sale!

How to Install the Slip-On Shower Attachment Hose:

With its unique, super-stretchy connector, you simply need to slip the connector over your showerhead or sink faucet before you turn the water on - that's it. Turn the water on and now you're ready to use! The connector stretches up to ten times its original size without ripping and will fit showerheads and faucets up to 7 inches in diameter, including odd shaped ones.